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Space Work and The Manual

You spend eight (let’s face it, 10) hours each day in your office chair. A study has shown how the incorrect desk chair can negatively impact your productivity and affect your health in myriad ways. Remember, once we acknowledged sitting too long can kill you? Sure you can switch to a standing desk, but standing all day long isn’t right for you either. There needs to be a balance between standing and sitting for maximum productivity and health.

Chairs at the office. Even though you might not spend a lot of time thinking about it when you sit down, a chair is crucial for your posture, productivity and mood. That’s why we’ve done research on which office chair is best for your productivity level because you’ll most likely spend many hours sitting on it. The chairs that we’ve rated are found at many Spaces location globally, so take a seat and get busy working, or not.


We like big booths, and we cannot lie. At every Spaces location in the world, you’ll find multiple booths for you to sit down and get busy working. These booths are designed for working with a group of people. The booth gives the idea of working secluded, and that makes it the perfect spot to focus on multiple people.

There’s only one note that you have to take into consideration when you’re working for numerous hours at the booth: your posture. The benches in the booth make sure you’ll sit up straight all day, yet aren’t the best support for your back. Make sure to stand up once every hour, for example, to grab a killer-coffee, to make sure your return won’t start aching.

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We’re obsessed with beautiful design couches, which are both beautiful and comfortable. These couches are an excellent place for a coffee with a client or to have a quick phone call. If you have to write a few smart emails, we highly recommend having a seat on the couch. Yet don’t sit down with your laptop on the sofa for too long, your neck will start to ache when you’re looking down at your lap the whole day.


This description of ‘table chair’ might sound a little vague, but we’ll explain. At Spaces business clubs around the globe, you’ll find long tables. These tables are usually used by people who are having a quick break by drinking a killer-coffee and catching up on the news with the provided newspapers. Luckily, these chairs can handle way more than just a coffee break. Sit down and get busy working on these comfortable chairs. As with the booth, and any chair actually, stand up once an hour to make sure you won’t be stiff and hurting at the end of the day.


These chairs are the creme de la creme when it comes to working and sitting, for hours in a row. These chairs might not be the prettiest, but when it comes to sitting for eight hours straight, these chairs provide the best support for your entire body. As a result, your neck, back and feet will praise you when you decide to use this chair during a workday. These office chairs, hence the name, are found at the offices we provide when you’re a tenant. Sit down, and you’ll feel like you’re in chair heaven.


Take a well-deserved break in this beautiful chair. You’ll feel rested, relaxed and maybe even cute when you use this chair. Yet, we don’t recommend to work from this beautiful chair. It’s there to look pretty and to give you the comfort you deserve – not to boost your productivity. This chair is solely for breaks, try to not fall asleep in them – even though it’s hard to resist, we’ve been there.

Beside all those comfy chairs design above as a human we need to also doing little exercise in the office here are 7 Tips Best Exercise to Follow For Office Workers

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